Birth Doula Services


Continuous support for labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period.  


  • In-person prenatal support & birth preparation

  • Phone/text/email support through pregnancy and early postpartum

  • Physical, emotional, and informational support throughout labor & birth

  • Follow-up visit at birthplace within 24-48 hours postpartum

  • Home visit within two weeks after birth

Fee: $900 (free initial consultation)

Cesarean Birth Support


Birth doula support for planned Cesarean births.  


  • Prenatal support & cesarean birth planning

  • Phone/text/email support through pregnancy and early postpartum

  • On call in case labor begins before scheduled birth

  • Meeting you at the hospital on the day of your baby’s birth

  • Attendance in the OR and/or recovery if possible

  • Minimum 6-8 hours of early postpartum support

  • Visit at hospital within 24-48 hours postpartum

  • Home visit within two weeks after birth

Fee: $600 (free initial consultation)

Birth Planning


Birth planning consultation, available any time before or during pregnancy.  

Assistance with:

  • Choosing (or changing) your care provider and/or birth location

  • Learning about local childbirth education and birth/postpartum support options

  • Answering your questions about pregnancy and birth

  • Birth planning & preparation for families who are not hiring a doula

  • Adapting to a mid-pregnancy change in plans, such as a move, a need to schedule an induction or cesarean birth, or a new diagnosis of parent or baby

Fee: $65 for initial consultation; $45/hour for any subsequent sessions

Private Childbirth Education


Customized one-on-one birth preparation classes

Ideal for:

  • Families planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

  • Parents with a history of traumatic birth or other trauma

  • High-risk pregnancy/birth

  • Unique family circumstances

  • Families who desire personalized birth preparation classes

Fee: $45/hour, minimum two hours

Spinning Babies® Parent Class


Group and private classes to promote comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth.

This class highlights your baby’s active role to rotate down and out of the pelvis. You will learn:

  • Daily practices to increase comfort in pregnancy and give baby space to move and settle into a great birth position 

  • Positions and comfort measures to use during labor

  • Solutions for when labor doesn’t move forward in a typical pattern

Fee: $75/pair for group class (three hours) or $45/hour for private class

Other Services


Customized classes and consultations as well as occasional workshops in the Bloomington, Indiana area and elsewhere.  

Topics include:

  • Toddler parenting

  • Labor support skills for friends and family

  • Introduction to birth work

  • Bereavement support and planning for stillbirth or fatal diagnosis

  • Homebirth information

  • Self-care for parents

  • Childbirth an newborn preparation for siblings

Contact me for more information about any of these offerings.